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Students have the option to graduate after seven semesters, provided they have met all of the graduation requirements. If you are interested, please apply during the Fall semester of your Junior year. Application details will be sent through school email. 

The following criteria and activity limitations govern those who participate:

  1. The student will complete all graduation requirements, 24 credits, and a Senior Project

  2. The student will present their Senior Project at a December Senior Boards Day and follow an accelerated Senior Project timeline to complete the project by the December presentation day.

  3. The student will have the option to participate in the May graduation ceremony.

  4. The student will not be enrolled in five classes Spring semester of their Senior year, as a result, they are not eligible to participate in KSHSAA activities.

  5. Students wishing to graduate early will apply after their fifth semester. The early graduation application must be signed by the student, approved by the parent/guardian, and given final approval by the principal based on parent approval and credit verification.

  6. Students that graduate in December will be eligible to attend school dances (Courtwarming and Prom).

  7. If the student does not meet all of the graduation requirements, they can enroll for an eighth semester.

  8. The student is responsible for reading the website, email, and all other sources of obtaining information regarding student life at BSHS.

  9. Students who apply for early graduation status acknowledge the potential impacts of becoming a part-time student (social security benefits apply only to full-time students, some scholarship requirements, etc.) and hold USD 204 harmless of those potential impacts.

  10. In order to continue attending the area technical school, and have USD 204 pay tuition, a student must attend BSHS for a portion of the day.

If you are interested in graduating early or have questions about it, please contact Mrs. Terrell. 

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