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It is our goal to help students make plans with their future in mind. We offer many different classes to help students explore their interests, grow their skills, and prepare for their post-secondary endeavors. We offer a variety of Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways, classes for college credit, and certificate programs through KCKCC-TEC. For a complete guide, please see our Course Description Book below and access our video course catalog by joining the Google Classroom using code kbaepzz.

The enrollment process begins in January for the following year, with Arena Enrollment taking place in April. 


English - 4 Credits

Math - 3 Credits

Science - 3 Credits

Social Studies - 3 Credits

Technical Arts - 1 Credit

Fine Arts - 1 Credit

Consumer Pers. Finance - 0.5 Credit

Senior Project

Must Earn a Total of 24 Credits


Are you struggling with your classes? Check out these resources and don't forget to reach out to your teachers or counselor for help!

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